HT PP Fittings and pipes

The HT PP (high temperature - 95°C) waste system made from polypropylene (PP) is designed for draining waste waters inside the building (area of application: B). HT PP adapting pieces and pipes meet the requirements of the CSN EN 1451 - B Standard, regularly checked by Authorized Entity No. 224 ITC Zlín. The HT PP system must not be glued. The individual components of the system are connected using sockets with rubber sealing and they can be
disconnected again. The single-point sealing ensures a high-quality waterproof connection (up to 0.05 MPa), even when facing the fl ow of liquid. We recommend using mounting lubricant for the installation. The design, installation and testing of internal sewer system are subject to CSN 75 6760 and CSN EN 12 056. The material has excellent hydraulic properties and it minimizes the formation of sediments; it is resistant to the effects of all media commonly
found in domestic waste waters, including waters containing fat and various chemicals. The HT adapting pieces and pipes are included in Combustibility Class E according to CSN EN 13 501-1 and they do not contain UV stabilizers. The temperature for the application should be + 5°C. The estimated durability of the HT PP waste system is at least 50 years. Polypropylene is a fully recyclable material.